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Hello I am Milca, Founder of Milca LesCurls.

I am a woman of many backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures. I’ve culminated life experiences from continents of Africa, Europe and North America. It taught me to embrace taking risks, pursue my passions, and to think for myself as an individual.

Having grown up in a family where I was moved and adapted to different countries on a regular basis, I’ve had the opportunity to observing the many contradictions of the social construct from various cultural perspectives. However, it became disturbing for me to realize the many different ways women around the world were expected to alter themselves to the approval of a patriarchal society–most especially, black women.

I strongly believe that all women are beautiful. As descendents of Africa, we carry in our lineage the strength of our ancestors, for which we must honor. We are the most vital component to the progress and development of humanity, it is our responsibility to make sure that we treat ourselves with complete care and love.

This is why I founded Milca LesCurls.  I have a built this online resource for women all over the globe to feel empowered, to reject oppressive notions of their beauty perceptions, and to embrace their unique traits for what they are–divine characteristics.

Milca LesCurls is your source for inspiration and valuable tips on health, lifestyle, haircare, spiritual development and more! Please feel free to pursue, share with your friends, and contribute your thoughts for other women around the world.

I hope this website serves to strengthen and motivate you on your journey to living to your fullest life as a beautiful woman, in love with herself and her life!

Bienvenue sur dans mon espace que j ai voulu simple, classe et chic. Mais à la fois efficace d’utilisation pour tous et toutes. Je vous parlerai de tout ce qui captivera ma curiosité : Beauté, Soins du Cheveux Afro et bien-être et bienfaits des plantes .

Si tout comme moi, vous êtes curieu(ses)x de tout sur Tout, Restez, on risque de bien s’entendre 🙂

Parce que la curiosité est notre plus beau défaut: LesCurls

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